Alice 'Buttons' Kensington

Illustrator (BAhons), Streamer, Voice actor.

Having graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2016, Alice now primarily works as a freelance illustrator. Specializing in character design and world building, she takes the greatest pride in breathing life into new stories, and gives every character her all. Alice works with multiple art styles, traditional work, and digital mediums alike, and is always looking out to improve in any way. In her downtime you can find her streaming her process on Twitch or creating and uploading to Social Media.

But Art isn't the only love in Miss Kensington's heart, and when required she'll bring entertainment and acting into the mix. Between afformentioned art streams and the occasional voice acting job, she'll lend her British charm to any project she suits. With engaging content and an ever-growing community, you can find her drawing over at Or if you're interested more in the voice side of things, then you'll want her demo reel.

Stubborn in the best way possible, Alice does all of this whilst juggling Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalopathy. Life may be harder, but with the right help, she's an advocate for never letting disabilities stop her from doing what she loves.
Alice Kensington